How did you first meet? – We were 14 and 17 when we met in 2011! This is when blackberry’s were the phone everybody had and wanted, someone had broadcast one of our pins and we ended up adding each other – The rest is history!

How long were you together before you proposed? How did you propose? – We had just recently celebrated our 9 year anniversary on 8th November 2020. We had bought our house this year so we didn’t do anything fancy just a home cooked meal together. Sujoan wanted to go for a walk to the four waterfalls in Brecon and we went on 18th December. It was absolutely pouring down with rain and we were the only people there. On the second waterfall I walked towards the edge to look down and see how far it was, when I turned around Sujoan was on one knee!

Where did you get married? – We got married at Oldwalls, Gower.


What attracted you to the venue?  – Our original plan was to get married in Dubai on our anniversary, however with November being so close to Christmas and Sujoan’s best friend being a teacher it just wasn’t doable! We wanted somewhere where people could stay over and be a little break away and this was exactly what the venue could offer!

What did you have for food and how was it? – We shared our starters which was Lamb Croquettes & Tomato, Mozzarella Bruschetta which was amazing! We both had the beef for the main which was delicious! Sujoan had a Chocolate choux bun and I had a caramelised pear tart and honestly, I keep dreaming about this dessert it’s incredible I want the recipe!! The venue was able to cater halal for us which was one of the main selling points for this venue.

What was your wedding theme? – We didn’t have a theme as such but my inspiration was Aladdin. Arabian deep colours with gold tones. As both me and Sujoan are Asian ethnicity, I tried to incorporate this within the wedding.


What stationary did you have? – We didn’t have too much. We had a welcome sign at the entrance with an order of the day, as well as a table seating plan. Again, these went with the gold theme as they were gold like mirrors!


What did you wear? Tell us about your gown… My dress was Sophia Tolli Ingrid and she is STUNNING! She’s an A-Line with a sweetheart corset. She has 3d flowers and she shimmers. I also had the matching cathedral veil.

Was it your dress what you had in mind? Absolutely not no! It was actually the dress type I didn’t want. I tried on about 5 dresses which I thought I’d like but they just didn’t look right! When Karen at High Society asked me to try this dress on, she knew I’d said I wouldn’t like it, but she thought we should throw in a wild card and she was the one!


How did your dress make you feel?
She made me feel like a princess. I am so glad Karen pulled her out and made me try her on. I couldn’t picture wearing anything else.


Where did you get the suits from and what was the style like?
Sujoan wore a Sherwani which is a traditional Asian wedding style. He got it from a company called Ustav. It was absolutely beautiful and complimented him really well. Lots of people have asked where he got it from and commented on how nice it was.


How did you feel when you first saw him at the altar?
Weirdly calm. All morning I was feeling nervous and just couldn’t calm down. The closer the ceremony came, the more chilled I became. As soon as I saw Sujoan’s face, the nerves completely went.

Tell us about your bridesmaids, who were they and where did you get the dresses from?

I had 1 maid of honour, Sarah and 3 bridesmaids, Anaya, Lauren and Claire.

Sarah is my soulmate as we call each other, we’ve been friends since we were 11 and we’ve had some crazy and emotional times together. Anaya is my sister and is just a copy and paste of me looks wise, however our personalities are complete opposites! Lauren is my best friend, we met each other at our first job working for Argos at 17. Claire is my auntie but more like my sister, she’s about 6 years older than me but you wouldn’t think it.

I got all the bridesmaids dresses, shoes, bags from Shein. Sarahs dress came from House of CB.

What was your best memory of the ceremony?
Sujoan doesn’t show much emotion and I’ve never really seen him upset but when I walked down the aisle I could see he was getting emotional and it took me back. That was my best memory!


What was your first dance song?

We didn’t have one.

How did you entertain your guests?

A lot of our guests hadn’t seen each other of a while so they actually entertained themselves talking amongst each other. In the evening we allowed alcohol to be served (as we had a dry wedding in the day) and we had glow sticks, sunglasses with our initials, bouncy castles for the kids and photo booths. Everyone had a great time and said our wedding was one of the best they’ve been to.


What was the cake like?

We wanted just a minimal cake nothing too fancy and that’s exactly what Michelle did for us. We had red velvet (Sujoans fave), raspberry and white chocolate and raspberry and lemon curd. Honestly delicious!

How did you feel on the day?
The morning was very nerve racking but as soon as the ceremony was over I had completely calmed down. It was the most amazing day and I am so glad with how everything turned out.


Have you been on your honeymoon yet, if yes, where did you go and how was it?

Yes, we went to Jamaica – It was absolutely amazing! We had the best time and didn’t want to come back home to our horrible weather! Jamaicans are so friendly!

What’s your top tip to future couples getting married?
Try not to stress too much whatever happens, happens! Don’t regret anything because it will be the most special day! It’s both of your wedding days don’t be forced to do anything you don’t want to by family! You only get married once. Have what you want, not what other people want.