The Oldwalls Collection has long had a reputation as the wedding destination in Wales to get hitched, along with being known for its outstanding food, a big YES for those foodie couples, who are searching for the full package when it comes to their big day 😉.

Our luxury wedding venues are headed up with the most talented head chefs in Wales; Chris Keenan at Fairyhill, Rikki Macdonald at Sant Ffraed House and Gracia  Crimi at Oldwalls Gower, our team are committed to creating exquisite dishes using the finest locally sourced ingredients.

We caught up with our award-winning executive head chef for the Collection, Chris Keenan to talk all things food and inspiration.

What inspired you to become a chef?

My father. I was studying to become a naval officer, I got into Graves End Naval Collage, but I failed my medical. While I was studying, I had a job as a bell boy at The Dragon Hotel in Swansea, and during that period, I noticed this chap with a big, tall hat and blue stripped jacket on, and I thought wow who is he, and that’s where it all started.

What goes into creating the perfect wedding menu?

First thing is passion and to create the absolute best menu I can. Once those two things are in place, it’s sourcing the best ingredients, flavour combinations, textures and creating a dish that they couldn’t make at home.

We offer a lavish five-course menu as a starting point and every dish is created from scratch, we can tailor a menu if required and cater to all dietary requirements.

Do you offer plant-based options on your wedding menu?

Yes, we do, all of our dishes are designed to be memorable even the plant-based menu!


What’s your favourite wedding dish to cook from the menu?

The lamb dish, it’s unique. All my dishes have a unique touch to them, but for me the lamb dish really stands out, it’s a taste sensation.

How do you manage the day from a catering perspective?

Start early, check out deliveries, make sure the team are aware of the menu and how they go about their dishes. It’s essential that we make sure the timings are spot on, as this is a critical element of ensuring our food is above restaurant quality standards. From the time guests arrive, to the canapes being served, timings must be seamless, to ensure the dishes are perfect.

What’s the favourite part of your job?

Once everything is done, I look forward to getting home, quick bite to eat, rest and come back in the next day to do it all over again. The main ingredient to being the best you can be is to love your job, and I love what I do.

I also enjoy perfecting the menu. I am always tweaking the dishes to be the best possible version that they can be. Whilst the menu is written it is always developing and evolving, from subtle tweaks to garnishes and flavour combinations, I’ll always ensure our couples have the best possible wedding breakfast for their special day.