Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event (cue the look to your partner with a cheeky ‘hopefully’ smile) so naturally you want it to be unforgettable. With so many trends and ideas out there, where do you even start?  

2024 is all about ‘out with the old, and in with the new’ with the modern couple seeking ways to ensure their wedding day is not just a celebration of love, but a true reflection of their personalities.  

So, with Christmas and New Year behind us, it’s time to get the wheels in motion, and plan the ultimate celebration to look forward to.  

The lucky year  

Are numbers important to you for your wedding? Well, according to the Chinese zodiac, the number 8 symbolises infinite love, and it’s been said that 2024 is the luckiest year to get married (2+0+2+4 = 8) Additionally, 2024 is a leap year, which some consider to be prosperous for couples looking to tie the knot.  

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Champagne Towers  

It’s all about the glam! Cue the champagne tower, and we can certainly see why.  

Would you choose the traditional cake cutting or would you opt for a champagne pour?  

Bright and Bold  

The 2024 floral trend is shaping up to be a mixture of traditional and contemporary, a beautiful blend of the old and the new. We’re seeing less pastels and soft hues and more bold, vibrant colours. Think reds, blues and purples.   

Sunday Weddings  

With the typical Saturdays becoming hard to come by, Sunday weddings are becoming increasingly popular amongst couples looking to set the date. What’s more, couples are extending their celebrations with a post wedding brunch. There’s no more Monday blues, when you’re brunching and sipping champagne in one of Rustic Retreats – dreamy!  

Mismatch bridesmaids  

This style has been growing in popularity, and we’ve certainly noticed the trend of mismatched bridesmaids dressing coming into fruition.  

Check out how gorgeous Jess Fishlock MBE and Tziarra King’s bridesmaids looked during their recent wedding at Sant Ffraed House. Some would say the trend started here 😉 

We’ll let the photos do the talking, because we LOVE this look. 

Celebrant led ceremonies  

According to Hitched, there’s been a 49% increase in search volumes for celebrant led weddings in the last 12 months, meaning there is definitely a trend forming with personalised ceremonies.  

Couples are choosing to tailor their wedding ceremony and include elements of their relationship, personalised vows, and funny stories. A way to reflect on the couples themselves and showcase their unique love story. The best way to do this, is to hire a wedding celebrant.  

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